Name: Solace
Tagline: Believe in Hope
Real Name: Noah Lee Novak
Current Aliases: Noah, Sol

Identity (Public or Secret): Secret
Occupation: Noah is a professional therapist with a LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counseling). He currently works in the field of addiction and trauma as a private-practice therapist. He is also owner of Hope Counseling, LLC.
Citizenship: US Citizen
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Marital Status: Single, casually dating

Known Relatives: Timothy “Tim” Novak (Father), Christy Novak (Mother), Levi Novak (Brother)
Group Affiliation: The Hope, Acts as (main) Support to the group.
Education: Noah received his bachelors of science in psychology at Michigan State University, then received his masters of science in Mental Health Counseling. Fields of therapy he specializes in:

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)
  • Trauma-based therapy
  • Positive Psychology
  • Solution-focused therapy


Race/Ethnicity/Nationality: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Height: 3’3”
Weight: 70 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


Noah is an INFJ personality type. He is the kind of person who uses his heart, just as much as he does his head. Whenever confronted with an obstacle or involved in the lives of others, he never gives less than 100% and is always willing to go that extra mile, constantly pushing his limits physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s a taxing lifestyle and one that reveals both the best and worst in humanity, however it’s his ability to draw strength from both, to keep on going believing that every life he touches, every person he saves might somehow make a difference in this world.

However, it all goes without saying, it’s his heart and mind that also makes him vulnerable. It’s his obsession to always give his best and constantly raise the standard that creates a one track mind and makes him blind to what may be going on behind the curtain. In addition he has a stout heart and it tends to be an easy target for those who prey upon it. Criticism however seems to bring out the worst in him, he can’t stand the word “can’t” or the insinuation of incompetence, which tends to push him further and further, often driving him over the deep end and stranded in the middle of danger.

Unlike most heroes who seek justice or vengeance, his motives lay somewhere else. For him, it’s about the rescue rather than getting the villain. He believes in protecting his friends and the innocent lives around him. He doesn’t count the rogues in jail or the treasures he saves, but rather the people who are still alive and are on the path to recovery.

As a person, while he may utilize advanced tech, his joy comes from the simple things in life, developing both body and mind. He finds growth in reading and exercise and peace in meditation and nature, hoping to balance out the fervor he has out in the field and fighting besides the other members of the hope.


Source of Powers: Powered by pure will and adrenaline, in times of stress he can make his “phantom limbs” tangible and form/shape them into various constructs.

  • Situational Telekinesis: Powered by pure will and adrenaline, in times of stress he can make his “phantom limbs” tangible and form/shape them into various constructs. As to why this is? Nobody seems to have an answer. As to how? While not entirely sure, scans show that strangely Solace’s brain shows more folds than the average human. Normally done in nature to produce more surface area, it’s believed that when stimulated these folds may trigger his powers.
  • Therapist: Noah is educated in psychology, various therapeutic therapeutic techniques, and is able to effectively analyze other people’s mental, emotional, behaviors and body language.
  • Athlete: Noah has trained himself in the art of physical fitness and sports; which allows him to move without use of his limbs and utilize the advanced equipment linked to him.

Mental Limitations:
  • DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Volume 5) Diagnoses:
      • F43.10 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with dissociative symptoms – depersonalization; the symptoms that Noah has been experiencing as the following: past childhood sexual trauma and a failed suicide attempt with recurrent distressing dreams, recurrent intrusive memories and dissociative reactions of flashbacks.
      • F33.2 – Major depressive disorder, Recurrent episode, Severe; the symptoms that Noah has been experiencing are the following: low depressed mood constant for 2 -to -3 weeks with a reduced self-esteem and confidence, ideas of guilt and unworthiness, pessimistic thoughts & disturbed sleep.
    Physical/Medical Limitations:
  • Tetra-amelia Syndrome: A rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs at birth.
  • Unexplained Medical Limitations:
  • Phantom Limbs: A condition most noted in veterans and amputees, Noah feels various sensations in limbs that are not physically present. He could feel hot or cold, tight or loose and in many cases they can even feel pain. It can be agonizing as it is frustrating, as Noah reaches out to grab or touch objects only to realize his limbs are gone or never existed to begin with or wake up at night to discover agonizing pain that seems to torment him for no reason at all.

  • Mechanical Wheelchair: The mechanical wheelchair is highly experimental and is subject to malfunctions, damage and unforeseen circumstances (e.g. the wheels have difficulty in certain terrain.) In addition, the wheel attachments allow him to reach incredible speeds.
  • Mechanical Spheres: In an experimental offshoot garage tended by Emanuel Gomez, Noah’s caregiver, it's jokingly referred to as “the toybox” as they’re just ambitious as Solace himself. Constantly pushing technological limits and what is considered possible by medical technology, he is responsible for a lot of Noah’s mechanical extensions that relieve the stress his powers put on his body. Therefore, Emanuel created a collection of mechanical spheres designed to interlocked and refocus the energy constructs into different shapes. The purpose of these spheres is to reduce the stress put on Noah/Solace’s brain. Operated telekinetically, it’s easier for Noah to attach and move the internal spheres than to construct and maintain entire limbs.


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