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Felix Amosa

Felix Amosa aka Riot – 26 years old, comical and expressive. What if you could look out into the world everyday and see no responsibilities or rules? The sky is the limit and you make every second count—inhaling the high that is life, tripping on a constant adrenaline rush that drowns all rumblings and taunting of life and its hardships. And you employ wit, charm, and comedic relief to build a perception that isn’t your own. You use this perspective as an escape—to not remember you’ve been exiled from your family and told you’d never amount to anything. A community college dropout with a bartender job isn’t the reality you always want to face, but it’s one for Felix. In a society that looks down on him for his lack of accomplishments and worth, as the world falls apart, the kind of man his grandfather saw him becoming may become an opportunity. Felix just might get the chance to finally become somebody worth caring for.


Chaos Magic Energy Discharge

Felix Amosa’s sage grandfather knew what he’d become, even if Felix and everyone else believed himself a failure. The lama (ink) prepared by his grandfather was special—so special that it draws raw power and energy from chaos magic. In use, Riot’s carefully constructed tattoos ignite in an iridescent glow before discharging the energy. Depending on his movement and concentration, Riot can discharge anything from a single blast to engulfing himself in a cyclone. Combining this power with his pro-level skill in Parkour, Riot is often extremely animated and lively in battle.



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