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There may be a little more to unpack than what you feel like reading. So:

  • “You can’t be Batman. You’re Black,” started Arclight years ago.
  • We create superheroes and stories that move and inspire. AKA: We want our stories to be a marriage of transformation and escapism.
  • We create comics, but also learn out loud, sharing and teaching what we’ve learned to the independent comic creator community.
  • We’re almost at 7 years in the game and launched our first major issue December 2016.


Picture it. You’re in elementary school. It’s Halloween dress-up day. Another kid turns to you and says “You can’t be Batman. Batman isn’t Black.” Now your little spirit is crushed. You realize for one of the first times in your life, your skin color determines what you can and cannot have access to. Self-hate develops. You ask God “Why did you make me Black?”, as you desperately search for superheroes to identify with to prove to yourself and others that WE can save the day too.

But as much as that small instance hurt and caused identity issues, it was required. It became the seed you needed to take root in order to own, build, and grow a comic studio, universe, and brand that’s putting more diverse superheroes and stories into the world 6-year-old you still needs.

This is destiny.

We’re Arclight Comics and this is our story.


Close your eyes and imagine with us: What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and could fly?

Last night the world made sense. Everything was in order. Now? The laws of physics and science no longer apply. Your boss sneezed in the parking lot this morning and took out the entire lot. The people you knew in your neighborhood are reading minds, controlling the elements, and no man-made structure or barrier is strong enough to keep anyone out—including criminals.

Imagine this world of superpowered people. We’d like to think we’d become superheroes, but how fragile and dangerous would this world actually become?

The Arclight Universe captures and tells the story of what may really happen if you and I woke up with powers and superheroes didn’t exist. It’s going to take some very special people—seven, in this case—to give us the example we need on what it takes to be a hero in a world that use to be defined by science and religion and is now running on magic.


Here’s the 140-characters-or-less version: We create superheroes and stories that move and inspire.

That means they’re designed to heal and teach us things; open up conversations we’re not having, and get us to be more tolerable of differences. And at the same time, enjoy really dope, heroic escapism the way superhero comics were meant to be.

Not only are we in the entertainment business, we’re also in the education business.

There’s still very little online education and information on how to build a comic universe and brand from scratch. Imagine if Dwayne McDuffie and the Milestone crew documented their journey before they became Milestone as it’s known today? What if they showed their blueprints, processes, and systems? How dope (and beneficial) would that information be to all of us independent creators in 2017?

So we’re doing it. And we started in 2015 with a podcast called The Arclight Podcast (now: The Road to Comics Podcast), sharing everything we’ve learned along the way—and it’s grown quite a bit.

A Facebook Group for independent comic creators to gain insights, resources, and support as their building their own IPs, comic universes, brands, and projects. No Kickstarters. No self-promotion. All value.

Our main content pillar. Out of this, comes our podcast, a blog, and a vlog coming soon. Our podcast is migrating to what we call our Learning Hub (LHUB) and will be available again soon.


Some rules of thumb:

  1. We’re Arclight Comics. Not Archlight, Arc Light, Arch-Light, or ARCLIGHT COMICS.
  2. We do simply go by Arclight, however.
  3. Give our logo room to breathe when you place it. 😉

Download Press Kit Logo zip file


We have pre-written bios on everyone. You can simply visit our About page to grab those and download pictures of the team as you please.

FYI: Owner/Chief Creative Officer/The Boy Who Couldn’t Be Batman is Ed Williams. You can contact him directly at


We’ll send you a copy of our 21-page, full color issue, Arclight Comics PRESENTS: Issue #0 – The Passing + our entire catalogue of mini issues.

Need anything else? Just ask.