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Thanks to you, we’re growing fast. But we need your help if you’ve got a hand to lend.

Patreon is a way for you to help us build this platform

Patreon is a platform that allows you to financially support your favorite projects.

Your patronage will help Arclight to cover its operational and developmental cost as we work to grow the universe. Arclight is independent – so no corporate backing, no advances – just our drive and your support. Your contributions will help us with:

  • Software/ technical resources – conference software, file sharing, social media posting
  • Development – our team does as much as it can in-house, but at times, we reach out to freelancers
  • Website hosting – our site is ad-free
  • Convention costs – travel to and from conventions, table rentals
  • Supplies – the most boring, but most necessary – business cards, art supplies

Whether you become a patron or not, thank you so much for caring enough about Arclight Comics to come here and giving us a chance. Your love is what drives us!

You get things, too

It’s not a 1-way street. You get amazing rewards depending on your pledge amount. Preview rewards below!
$2 or more per month

The Hope-Fuls

Ever wonder how we create our characters, the world we’re building, or even where the name “Arclight” came from? To find all that out and more—this is the tier for you!
$5 or more per month

The Riot Acts

You were born to make comics, but you don’t gotta go at it alone. We’ve got you covered with a weekly podcast on how to get one started. Plus, you get all previous rewards.

How To Take Your First Issue From Concept to Finish

$15 or more per month

Apex Predators

This is where the Arclight Universe and its stories continue. Exclusive Patreon-only mini issues tied directly to canon. You’ll also get to access into the development of the universe, characters, books we’re working on, and get to ask questions with the creators directly.

Our Giant 20-Page Mini Issue Collection will remain public and free.

$75 or more per month

Henry's Hammers

Oh we’re just gettin’ started. Serious about making comics? We’re hosting monthly Q&A’s with a focus on brand building, world building, character design, and emotionally-driven storytelling.
$175 or more per month

The Braxton 5

We’re basically roommates now. Get all up in our business and get access to curated recordings of team meetings and art jams. We’re also giving you 60-minutes of quarterly group coaching on creating you own mini issue stories and content via video conference. If that’s not enough, we’re also giving you a free copy of our ebook—The Ultimate Guide to Creating Mini Issues That Build An Audience. You’ll get all the deets on how to tell powerful, cohesive, and emotionally-driven story in 1-page that builds an audience.

arclight is for the people, by the people

Let’s build this platform together.