Arclight’s Brand Avatar: Hasan


  • Is not a hobbyist. He is serious about wanting to make a living with this passion for creating comics.
  • Is looking for revolutionary knowledge. Wants to know more than just comic book creation processes. Wants to understand every facet of this journey and business.
  • Wants courses and books that elevate and challenge his understanding, his education, his knowledge, his expertise.
  • Wants courses and books that help him set himself apart. He wants to become a stand out.
  • He wants to do things 100x different than everyone else out here.
  • Is looking to be 10X, adopt the 10X mindset, adopt the 10X lifestyle.
  • Is not normal. Is not average. Is not mediocre. Despises those things.
  • Is willing to pay a higher dollar amount for the value he’s getting in return.
  • Is not looking for something cheap. Is looking for something of value.

Profile Of Hasan

Hasan is a 25 year old college grad who went to university to study illustration and storytelling. He lives in New York City. Hasan has aspirations of being a comic illustrator or writer, but he’d prefer being an illustrator working exclusively on comic covers and promotional art for marketing and branding collateral. Hasan discovered The Arclight Podcast by accident looking through what his Instagram friends were liking.

Hasan makes between $18,000 and $20,000 a year as a barista at his local Starbucks during the day and spending his evenings in his parent’s basement working on his portfolio and art between the hours of 8 PM and 1 AM. He’d really like to pursue a career in the comic industry but just isn’t sure where to really start and how to get his foot in the door.

Hasan is currently single and has limited time with friends. He’s focused. All he wants to do is live out his dream and passion as an illustrator. One of his biggest problems is obscurity. How does he stand out with so many good artists surrounding him? He also wants to know where he can work to start building a better portfolio that just isn’t his own personal work.

Hasan also wants to learn more about the industry and the comic making process. He’s interested in conversations happening around comics, how they’re made and some more of the business side of things. He thinks maybe he can do commission or contract work, but he doesn’t know where to start.

Hasan loses faith some days. He just isn’t sure if his dream is a possibility and fears he’ll have to get a corporate job and give up on them. When he’s able to explore life through his art and dive into it is when he’s the happiest. He’s also the happiest when around like-minded people who also take their passion seriously and enjoy comics. He doesn’t like small-talk or for his time to be wasted. He already doesn’t have a lot to begin with, so when he does have it he wants it to be meaningful and help him work towards his goals.

Hasan tends to read information or comics for inspiration. He enjoys consuming information that adds value to his dreams and goals usually on his breaks to get him through the rest of the day. If there’s nothing to read he’s pulling inspiration from Instagram and admiring other artists’ artwork and illustrations.

Hasan is all about making investments into his future, but because his day job doesn’t pay much he doesn’t like risking what he does have. He needs to know up front of what he’s considering purchasing is worth it. He does not take his money situation lightly. If he’s making the investment, he wants a return on that investment. He wants to become a better person. The information and value needs to be laid out up front for Hasan.

Hasan is not an impulse buyer. It takes some coaxing to win him over, and that coaxing usually involves reviews, testimonials and some value upfront that assures him that what he’s about to purchase is going to get him further towards his goals.