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Gi Yeoung

Gi Yeoung aka Go-Girl—21 years old, loyal and slightly awkward. 120.7k Instagram followers. 300k followers on Facebook. 56k on Twitter. And 1 million followers on Snapchat. Gi Yeoung is a YouTube and viral media sensation. She’s the American every-girl with a penchant for charm, charisma, and a life befitting for the woman she claims to be. Only thing is, she isn’t the woman she claims to be. In fact, without snaps, tweets, and filters, Gi just doesn’t trust herself enough to be someone out of her social media persona: Go-Girl.

She’s built a reputation and a fame for herself on the backs of a character she is not. Where Go-Girl is a celebrity, Gi is a high school dropout. Where Go-Girl is celebrated for her independence, Gi lives in the basement that belongs to her disapproving and shaming parents. Gi believes she can’t live up to what she’s created, that her real life isn’t as grand or valuable as this Maven of Social Media she’s perceived to be. If only she were able to look in the mirror and see she’s had the strength to reach her potential all along, she may have been able to escape the mess she’s gotten herself in. She’ll depend on the friendship and support of those who won’t judge her for what she’s done to find a way out. And maybe even have the strength to go after the potential the real Go-Girl possesses.


The “Lit” Effect

“Photo Bomb” (Photopheresis): Go-Girl can tap into the unique properties of a photon (particles of light).. At its most basic she can make use of the photopheresis effect meaning she can repel objects from a distance using light (kind of like a wind in a sailboat) on a grander scale she can do it as a wave pushing all objects around her back. Also she can use it to create a “force field” the term is used lightly (no pun intended) as it “pushes back” anyone who gets too close.

“No Matter” (Photokinesis): She can also make photons behave as if they had mass forming them into solids of varying permeability. Some of these “crystals” will be harder to break others will be able to passed through entirely. It depends on how strong the photons are locked together. In addition she’ll be able to slow down and even trap light and light based projectiles in these “crystals” for short periods.

“Totally Lit” (EM Drive): She can excite photons to the point where she can move at faster speeds or launch herself into the air kind of like a super jump.

Laser Blast: This is just as it sounds, she can shoot concentrated light beams.


Concentration: Naturally it takes a lot of concentration to control light and keep it in a single place. If she loses focus, it disperses, perhaps with explosive aftermath if a lot of energy was invested into it.

Light: She cannot create light, only manipulate it. So her powers tend to correspond to how much light she can absorb from a single area. Her body can absorb light for extended periods, but even her battery can drain if she pushes herself too hard.

Metamaterials: Her powers don’t react well with metamaterials and they can be used to counteract her powers as they bend light.



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