We’re Reclaiming Our Time (Focusing On What Matters)

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Taking July off from content output was critical. It feels like we’ve been baptized. We went down into the water and came back renewed.

Honestly—truly—you can’t pay for this level of clarity and rest.

We’d been cruising on auto-pilot since December, pushing content out like zombies for several months non stop without taking a moment to sit back and see what we were doing.

The content was dope, but our focus wasn’t. When we took a step back, we realized we were pretty beat up and decided to focus on something we probably should have since the start of 2017: our first graphic novel.

It’s a Netflix-World. Let People Consume How They Want

Keeping it 100—I don’t care for monthly comics.

Even as a kid I never understood why I could only consume 1/8 of a story, then have to wait an entire month for the next installment just to read 20-some pages in 8 minutes or less. It’s why I switched off and became a consumer of TPBs (trade paperbacks) and graphic novels.

I want the entire story.

I’m not patient enough to do monthly periodicals, nor do I like the responsibility or task of keeping books in circulation because of how the flawed yet maintained direct market business model of the comic industry works.

You can get mad at me if you want, but the system sucks.

Flat out.

It’s like Nabisco demanding the consumer to pre-order new flavors a month in advance at your local supermarket or else that flavor won’t be on the shelf, and if it isn’t on the shelf or gets canned before you even try it, it’s your fault for not doing the legwork to get it there.

But that’s another topic for another day.


We’re living in an era of people who watch an entire TV season in a weekend. We want our entertainment to come in bulk and in batches so we can consume the way we want, when we want, and how much of it we want, and comics shouldn’t be behind or fall by the wayside with this.

Making Comics for the Netflix Generation

I see no value in creating monthly comics at Arclight, so we’re creating graphic novels. This news is old to us, but new to you. We decided on this a very long time ago.

I want to deliver whole stories.

I want you to experience these characters in a way we cannot deliver in periodicals (we can, we just don’t want to.)

I want to give you permission to consume the content on your own time in your own way.

And I really want to give us the freedom to tell the kinds of stories we want without being handicapped because of page limits.

I’ve been told building a business on graphic novels wouldn’t work—and that may very well hold true (I’m not that idealistic to not consider there’s an alternative ending to this ambition)—but if I’m going to take a chance on something, I’m going to take it on me and follow through 120%.

If it fails, it fails, but at least we’ll know.

We’re also going to create linear canon with self-contained stories that develop and grow with you over time, because if the direct market wasn’t enough, the other thing I really dislike about the current state of the industry is there being almost zero point of entry for new readers.

Creating Point of Entry

10 years from now when someone wants to start at the beginning of our universe, we’ll be able to point to Issue #0 – The Passing, then direct them to Volume 1, Book 1, then Volume 1, Book 2 and so forth.

It’s simply how I want what I’ve created to work.

I want to make it easy for anyone to access the beginning of what we’re creating.

I want you to be able to:

  1. Consume our content at your own pace
  2. Have a definite point of entry no matter when you’re introduced to us
  3. Give characters, the world, and our universe permission to change

That last point is crucial, but that’s another topic for a different day.

It’s a Lituation in the Bullpen

July opened doors for us.

Communally we’ve been developing the story together with myself taking lead on writing the story, making everything else secondary as far as priorities are concerned.

We’re done with mini issues for the year.

We’ve created a substantial base of free content that introduces you to our characters, our world, and our skill set in creating well told stories with genuinely diverse characters.

By all means—consume that stuff. We made it for you to get acquainted with us.

We’re also done with updating character pages. We’ll get back to them, but our resources are really being devoted to getting the script finished by end of year, because we’ve got something launching in 2018.

Kicking Off 2018

In order for us to get this book out and continue the story that was started in 2016 with The Passing, we’ll be launching a Kickstarter in 2018.

I took issue with Kickstarter last year.

Fear kept me off the platform, but faith is bringing me back.

This is going to be a big book and we want it done right (and more importantly, to come out on time.)

More announcements on that later.

Join Our Community

Our Facebook Community has been pretty dope.

We have awesome members and the engagement has gone up over the last few weeks.

We run it differently than other indie Facebook Groups. For starters, we don’t allow self-promotion. Dropping links to Patreon, sharing posts about your comic, etc. are all banned (except on Self-Promo Wednesdays and Showcase Fridays).

We do this because:

  • It’s annoying. Straight up. You don’t run into someone’s house in the middle of the day announcing you have a thing to buy or promote. That’s why we’ve developed more than enough ways to evade and shut down Jehovah Witnesses at our doors.
  • It’s impersonal. We don’t know who you are or your intent. Using a group someone else built for your own personal gain is not a good look.
  • It’s not your community. And you will not take advantage of the members who use it for what it’s intended to be used for.

We’re value and support driven.

If you’ve got questions about comics (writing, storyboarding, marketing, selling, etc) there are people in there who have answers.

Some come join us.

Promise you won’t be disappointed!


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