We Out!—Arclight Takes the Entire Month of July Off!

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When I tell you we need this lil’ piece of vacation…I mean it.

I don’t think it’s a secret.

We put out a lot of content.

From chalkin’ it up on podcasts, to live videos, our new character pages, blogs, our new We Make Comics Facebook community—ISSA LOT! (Issa=It’s a for the non-slang-folk.)

Since January, we’ve been releasing new character pages + Wave 2 of our newest mini issues, starting with Apex, then Braxton, and ending with Solace, but a lot of work goes on behind-the-scenes.

We’ve been working since December 2016.

We didn’t even really take a break coming off of Issue #0 – The Passing which had Tim and I working 10+ hour days (14+ the closer we go towards the end.)

We do a lot to keep ourselves relevant to attract new audiences, create awareness for the brand, and to stay top-of-mind, slinging content all over social platforms so we don’t fall off the radar.

But that comes at a cost.

And the cost is burnout.

Running Head-First Into Burnout

We had to have a serious talk last month, and as leader of the pack, I decided to stop all output for the month of July so we can focus internally and stop the train for a bit.

There’s never a dull moment at Arclight.

We won't be putting anything out for the entire month of July.

Even if we go quiet for a week or two you can bet we have something coming out soon, but this month we just needed to grab a seat and sit in it.

So we won’t be putting anything out for the entire month of July, meaning this will push the re-release of Go-Girl to August with the rest of the lineup (Riot, Bolt, Tremor) following after.

Get You Some Self-Care

But seriously. If you find yourself and/or your team headed towards burnout—STOP. We’ve got to do a better job ourselves, but enough is enough with all that “Hustle till you die,” carrying on.

If you find yourself and/or your team headed towards burnout—STOP.

It’s so important for us as creatives to practice self-care and rest. Brent (Business Relations/Networking) is going to get a kick out of me saying that but it’s true.

Real talk.

I’ve been taking more naps, working out more, and learning how to not feel bad or guilty about it.

We all have work to do, but you can’t do it if you work yourself sick.

So get you some rest.

Take a break.

Grab a nap.

Go for a walk in the park.

Do something, but just take care of yourself.

See you in August!



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