You know John Henry, Right?

The American tall-tale.

The “Steel-Drivin Man” who beat a machine with his hammer?

This guy:

He’s made appearances in several Disney films, cartoons, and independent productions—but to ME—he’s never gotten his due.

This is JOHN. HENRY.

A character of myth and legend.

I wanted to push this iconic hero further.

He’s older than Superman yet hasn’t really risen above children’s books and cartoons.

I felt this character was deserving of a bigger platform.

It was time to create a different mythology behind him.

I took the opportunity to do this in our first 21-page comic release, Issue #0 – The Passing.

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We're creating a new mythology behind John Henry

Making this character relevant in our universe was important.

In our 2018 and 2019 book releases you’ll get to experience what we’ve done with the character and how we’re using him to connect and build an expansive comic universe.


But you can dive into the beginning of his story RIGHT NOW in Issue #0 – The Passing.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Overall, a commanding first issue, which grabs the reader with familiar world-building and adds more depth where it would have been a rewriting of legends.” – Graphic Policy
“Right off the bat, the comic hooked me with a gorgeous full-page establishing shot…it’s immediately apparent that Arclight knows their stuff.” – stigma42, Peep Game Comix

Experience the new john henry now

I want you to experience this, {$name}.

The Passing is going to introduce you proper to not only the comic universe we’ve spent 6 years building, but to a new mythology for a classic American hero.



President, Chief Creative Officer | Arclight Comics