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Move, impact and teach through superheroes and stories. That’s why we exist.

Stories are powerful. They cross cultures and borders; open lines of communication between differing values and beliefs; and introduce us to new worlds, perspectives and most importantly, people. Our own stories are building up to the grand reveal of a much larger and expansive transmedia intellectual property. Comics are our starting medium and superheroes are the genre, but we won’t stop there.

(And yes. That’s Stan Lee. Huge checkmark off the bucket list.)

Our Mission: Move and Inspire Through Stories

Stories do a lot more than entertain us.

They open us up to other perspectives, see beyond our biases and understand the differences around us. They’re powerful. They’re moving. And we’re set on using this brand of storytelling to make a difference where we can.

To date, we’ve created several mini issues and one full issue that illustrates this kind of storytelling. You can download and read the mini issues for free.

How This Got Started

Playing video games.

Real talk.

We were members of a guild called The Peacekeepers, a group of gamers who had a goal to create original characters that could rival the iconic legends of a popular comic book IP that was being developed into an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game)—and we did the damn thing (group art gallery below).

We loved what we created outside of the game, but ran into issues on the inside. What we created couldn’t fit within the limitations of the game and we found ourselves floundering. We became undone and fell apart, but what looked like the end was really the beginning (as cliche as that sounds).

Ed (founder and all of that) decided to revisit his childhood dream of creating his very own comic. But he wanted to do it the right way. And by the right way, he wanted to build a business and a brand that would architect a transmedia intellectual property.

In 2011 we were born. And we haven’t slowed down since.

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The Brand & Company We’re Building

Branding is never what you say it is. It’s what your audience says. So we’ll let our audience do the talking here based on a survey we ran in 2016:

[Arclight is] a group of people focused on bringing relatable characters to life for everyone to enjoy. The side effect is inspiration.
[Arclight] represents my desire to be a hero. [Their] heroes are addressing the things happening in our society today that I wish I had the superhuman ability to battle. Reading [their comics] makes me not feel mundane in my small efforts.
A new form of characters that can apply to today’s issues and people can relate to. I consider Arclight to be the start of a new comic book industry that will take off.

We Learn Out Loud

We tell stories. We create comics, but we also learn out loud. And by that we simply share and teach what we know.

Think about how valuable it would have been if Stan Lee (Marvel) or Dwayne McDuffie (Milestone) documented their entire journey from start to finish, capturing their late nights, early mornings, character development sessions, etc.

Ed (the architect behind all of this) hated not having access to the necessary information we give away now.

Think about how valuable it would have been if Stan Lee (Marvel) or Dwayne McDuffie (Milestone) documented their entire journey from start to finish, capturing their late nights, early mornings, character development sessions, etc. We’d pay thousands for those videos, but they don’t exist.

So we said: “Hey, doggone it, why not take on that responsibility ourselves and make someone else’s journey easier than it was for us?”

And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing since 2015.

The Squad

Not a single industry credit, experience or perspective exists at Arclight. We’re newbs with very active day jobs, school responsibilities and for some of us, spouses. We don’t do this full-time and have to milk every second we can find to build Arclight.

We have no idea how the business of comics works as it is in the industry, but we learn as we go, following principles, processes and practices straight from people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Sean McCabe (seanwes), Eric Thomas and Silicon Valley.

For all intents and purposes we’re a startup.

A comic publishing startup. We don’t claim to be experts in anything other than our individual expertise and strengths and our team is made up of people who are obsessed with three things:

  1. Storytelling
  2. Superheroes
  3. Their passion

Whatever you do, be it a baker, an accountant or clerk at a grocery store, we have room for you if you fit within our culture and love the other two things. Just look at what our current team looks like now.