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Funny how these things start.

5 years ago we said, “Let’s make a comic.” We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into back then.

5 years later and we’re now just really getting started. But there was a frustrating lack of information on how to create a comic AND a comic studio from start to finish available back then and there still is today.

So we had to do it all on our own.

Fortunately, we did just that. And we’ve learned so much in those 5 years, we started to share it through a weekly podcast. Then that turned into a daily vlog on Instagram. Then that lead to us producing our first eGuide teaching you how to build your fandom and an audience around your comic project.

It’s gotten to a point where first time indie creators of all backgrounds are looking to us for the answers. So we’ve decided, as we’re still in pursuit of creating our universe, our world, our characters, stories and the comics they’ll live in, we’re going to keep teaching and sharing what we know from our perspective.

The indie perspective.

We’re right here in the trenches with you. Let it be known we aren’t mainstream pros. We share and teach things that have worked for us, from the processes and systems we’ve created, to building an audience, to marketing, branding, comic storytelling, running a team and so much more.

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You’ll get tangible insights on both the creative and business side of comics, touching on topics like building your brand, developing your first issue, team dynamics, creating characters that resonate, tackling the fear of failure, managing your creativity, investing in your people, where to find artists, writers, and a whole lot more.


033: A Community Exlusive To Indie Comic Creators Is Coming

Thursday, July 21, 2016 – 27 minutes

We’re creating and building a real-time, 24/7 community for indie comic creators.

Yes. This is happening. There’s no “We have to raise this much to get it funded,” “This won’t happen if you don’t do X,” “We can’t make this happen if we don’t get Y.” Nope. It’s happening. We’ve invested the time, the resources and made the investments throughout the last several months to be able to pull this community together and we’re beyond excited to get this revved up and get you in.

In this episode, we talk about the next major phase for Arclight as we continue to learn how to flip a project into a viable, sustainable and profitable indie publishing business to fund our vision, our goals—but more importantly—provide you all the resources we can possibly get to you.

032: The Importance of Scaling Back

Thursday, July 14, 2016 – 27 minutes

Ambition without execution is hallucination.

Staring at this grand vision and letting the days go by as you try to figure out how to tackle it is not the way to take steps towards that vision. You do a little bit at a time. You take one step at a time. You have to realize where you’re at, use what you have, and work towards that pie in the sky. And when you do that, you can’t be afraid to scale back.

Scaling back is the reason why we have five mini issues out right now. It’s why we’re able to tackle the prequel issue with much more confidence. It’s why we’re excited to work on all three graphic novels next year. Scaling back isn’t giving up. It’s inviting your vision and ambition into your existing reality and making the impossible possible.

In this episode, Ed talks about the original plan for Arclight and how he bit off more than he could chew in attempting to write three graphic novels to start and what started him down the process of scaling back to mini issues.

Featured Character

We’ve spent a lot of time creating characters that will resonate with you. They’re real. And they stand for something bigger than themselves.

A little faith goes a long way.

Ever felt life was grander and greater than what you were told, but lacked the faith necessary to step out there and discover what’s beyond your reach? You’re so comfortable and so safe with your life, that risking all of that seems foolish. But the fate of the world is depending on your ability to believe in yourself and go where you’ve never gone before. Are you going to sink in your fear, or swim in your faith to keep the world from falling apart? Meet Tremor.

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