In December 2011 we said, “Let’s make a comic.”

And we’ve been grinding ever since, building a comic universe one character, one story at a time. We’ve been in this game for five years, creating amazing characters and building a brand on the backs of our belief and faith in the project. Now we have several mini issues and a prequel issue coming in 2016. And our first major graphic novel release is going into production in 2017. We also podcast about our experiences every Thursday, sharing everything we’ve learned along the way. It’s the mentor and guidance we wish we had five years ago with tangible insights on the creativity and business of your indie comic project.

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Straight to your podcast app of choice on any iOS and Android device, and right here on the site, we put out a brand new podcast episode centered around making your comic creating journey a whole lot easier.

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I don’t know week to week exactly what the Arclight Podcast is going to cover. It amazes me that when I’m stuck, when I’m doubting myself, this podcast says and provides me with just what I need to move forward right at the time I need it. It’s like they’re in my head! And essentially they are. Its obvious that any apprehensions that I have are things they’ve had and are providing a means to work through it.Tim Wasney

It’s slowly catching on.

Not only did I dig the topic of the podcast, but these guys genuinely want to pass along the knowledge that they’ve accumulated thsu far in their comic making journey.
Chris Turner

You’ll get tangible insights on both the creative and business side of comics, touching on topics like building your brand, developing your first issue, team dynamics, creating characters that resonate, tackling the fear of failure, managing your creativity, investing in your people, where to find artists, writers, and a whole lot more.

023: Who Else Wants to Tell Character Driven Stories Forever? (Unleash the Soul: Part 3 of 3)

We conclude the last episode in this series, touching on your character’s physical description, their powers and abilities, and last but certainly not least, their name. In today’s episode, we go over why the process is in this order. Everything informs the next in succession towards the name. You want to have a name that really resonates with your character? Want to have powers that just make sense? Then this episode will help you get there.

022: Who Else Wants to Tell Character Driven Stories Forever? (Unleash the Soul: Part 2 of 3)

Do you want to tell stories as great as Spider-Man’s?

Or maybe you want to take your characters on a journey over the next five, ten, fifteen, or twenty plus years and still hold your reader’s loyalty and attention like Batman or Captain America does.

You want to have so much storytelling potential in your characters, that Netflix approaches you and wants to create a series based on your character, because that character has won the hearts of many, has amassed a huge following, and their stories and journey have become so addictive that generation after generation cannot put them down.

So how do you go about doing that?

You start with finding the soul of your character, then you unleash it to your audience.

We’re back for part two. If you didn’t catch it in part one, we’re writing an incredible eBook based on our pilot episodes Finding the Soul of a Character. We’ve taken that concept and decided to go deeper with the material. In part one, we covered how to build better backstory and develop core personality traits for your character.

In part two, we’re sharing what you need to do to create believable character motivations, flaws that challenge your character, and how to approach the origin story.

016: Invest In Your People

I’ll let you know now: Arclight’s goal is to become the Pixar of comics. We want to own storytelling and produce amazing stories that fascinate, entertain, and take you on adventures. But Pixar doesn’t get to do that by forcing the work out of its people. They take a different approach many companies just haven’t caught onto yet, especially in our industry. And that’s investing in your people.

When you invest, develop, and support good people, they will invest, develop, and create good ideas in return. And it doesn’t even have to be a financial investment. Offering your words of support, encouragement, empowerment, and spending time building the relationships with the people you bring onto your comic project will have its payday.

In this episode, Ed flies solo again as he goes into detail on the importance of investing in your people, highlighting some of the moments he’s invested in both Brent and his artist, Miguel.

015: Failing Forward

Failing is not the worst thing that can happen.

Your fear of it is.

We are a culture that doesn’t move onto the next step; that won’t pursue our dreams; that won’t go after our ambitions because of our fear of failure. It’s as if we may as well quit the entire thing because we made a mistake or didn’t quite succeed at something. And when it comes to a comic project as a first time indie creator, failure can wrap itself around your dreams like an anaconda and suffocate the life out of it.

We’re called to expose ourselves. We’re exposing our talents, our writing abilities, our art, etc., and to us, those things aren’t always perfect. We find ourselves failing more times than society would allow. But the key is to not see a dead end at the end of those failures. You have to keep going. You have to fail forward.

Failure is our teacher, not our undertaker. And we have to learn how to re-purpose the negative connotations and flip them to positive associations. Failures and mistakes can be used as learning tools.

Because we failed so much within the last 5 years, we’ve been able to start this podcast. In this episode, Brent and I talk about failing forward. We discuss embracing failure and how you are not the sum of your mistakes. We also break down the failures Arclight Comics and Lighthouse Comic Studios have made and what we’ve learned from them. Ed also shares one of Arclight’s most public mistakes to date: releasing a character that nobody liked, and how the backlash refined and created a character everyone loves today.

Featured Character

We’ve spent a lot of time creating characters that will resonate with you. Their real. And they stand for something bigger than themselves.

A little faith goes a long way.

Ever felt life was grander and greater than what you were told, but lacked the faith necessary to step out there and discover what’s beyond your reach? You’re so comfortable and so safe with your life, that risking all of that seems foolish. But the fate of the world is depending on your ability to believe in yourself and go where you’ve never gone before. Are you going to sink in your fear, or swim in your faith to keep the world from falling apart? Meet Tremor.

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Hop up in this car and join us on the journey to our first major graphic novel release. Subscribe to get podcast episodes, mini issues, comic updates, behind-the-scenes content, and advance notice of releases.

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