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Funny how these things start.

5 years ago we said, “Let’s make a comic.” We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into back then.

5 years later and we’re now just really getting started. But there was a frustrating lack of information on how to create a comic AND a comic studio from start to finish available back then and there still is today.

So we had to do it all on our own.

Fortunately, we did just that. And we’ve learned so much in those 5 years, we started to share it through a weekly podcast. Then that turned into a daily vlog on Instagram. Then that lead to us producing our first eGuide teaching you how to build your fandom and an audience around your comic project.

It’s gotten to a point where first time indie creators of all backgrounds are looking to us for the answers. So we’ve decided, as we’re still in pursuit of creating our universe, our world, our characters, stories and the comics they’ll live in, we’re going to keep teaching and sharing what we know from our perspective.

The indie perspective.

We’re right here in the trenches with you. Let it be known we aren’t mainstream pros. We share and teach things that have worked for us, from the processes and systems we’ve created, to building an audience, to marketing, branding, comic storytelling, running a team and so much more.

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You’ll get tangible insights on both the creative and business side of comics, touching on topics like building your brand, developing your first issue, team dynamics, creating characters that resonate, tackling the fear of failure, managing your creativity, investing in your people, where to find artists, writers, and a whole lot more.


030: Introducing Phase 2 of Arclight, Our Future Vision & Outlook, and What All Of This Means For You

Thursday, June 23, 2016 – 1 hour and 18 minutes

This is Phase 2 of Arclight Comics. Strap in. You ready? Because we are.

When I co-founded Arclight, we always had a vision to help people with the kinds of the stories and characters we would create. We just didn’t want to produce the same kind of superhero stories that were already out there. We wanted meaning, purpose and intent behind what we were telling to help others cope with real life issues going on and get them to a better place.

So you can say people and helping those people have always been the lifeblood of Arclight. Which is why this next phase isn’t that far of a stretch from that original goal or the kinds of things we’ve produced so far—it’s an extension.

We’ve recognized a need.

Arclight is becoming something I needed 5 years ago when I started it. It’s becoming the resource people are turning to and asking for help to do the one thing all indie comic creators want to do and do well: make comics. I knew sharing the information Brent and I had collected over the past 5 years would help, but I had no expectation of us becoming a resource for people to want to learn more from two indie creators with a vision and a dream and doing all they can to make it happen.

But in order for us to produce the content, in both quantity and quality, it requires cash flow. And that’s where we enter into Phase 2 of Arclight.

In today’s episode, we lay some of what’s ready to be shared out on the table with you about this new phase. Producing our own comics and graphic novels is still a major goal and priority. But you also know that it costs money—more money than all of us on the team have right now, combined—to produce these things. So we had to take a step back and focus on what would produce the necessary cash flow to not only provide educational material for you, but put money behind our universe and property.

We decided something needed to change.

And that something was Arclight.

Welcome to Arclight 2.0. You’re getting in at the ground level and we’re going to share some of what that is right now.

029: Create. Validate. And Build Your Fandom With Mini Issues

Thursday, June 16, 2016 – 1 hour and 11 minutes + After Show

They say if you can tell a good comic story in 5 pages you’re onto something.

Now you can do it in 1.

Mini issues are the gateway to finding an audience that loves your comic, your characters and universe. And producing one just became the easiest thing ever. You have to build trust and create an authentic reading experience for your fandom. It isn’t enough to just talk about your comic idea and the stories you’re going to tell.

You have to have proof of concept. People want to see it, not hear about it. There comes an experience in reading that people just don’t get when you’re talking their ear off and the way to do this immediately is by producing your first mini issue.

In this episode, we break down our intense system and mini issue production process, breaking down the different phases;reminiscing about past issues and how certain storytelling elements came to be; cover art production, lettering and so much more with the release of our newest eGuide: Create. Validate. And Build Your Fandom With Mini Issues.

Featured Character

We’ve spent a lot of time creating characters that will resonate with you. They’re real. And they stand for something bigger than themselves.

A little faith goes a long way.

Ever felt life was grander and greater than what you were told, but lacked the faith necessary to step out there and discover what’s beyond your reach? You’re so comfortable and so safe with your life, that risking all of that seems foolish. But the fate of the world is depending on your ability to believe in yourself and go where you’ve never gone before. Are you going to sink in your fear, or swim in your faith to keep the world from falling apart? Meet Tremor.

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