In December 2011 we said, “Let’s make a comic.”

And we’ve been grinding ever since, building a comic universe one character, one story at a time. We’ve been in this game for five years, creating amazing characters and building a brand on the backs of our belief and faith in the project. Now we have several mini issues and a prequel issue coming in 2016. And our first major graphic novel release is going into production in 2017. We also podcast about our experiences every Thursday, sharing everything we’ve learned along the way. It’s the mentor and guidance we wish we had five years ago with tangible insights on the creativity and business of your indie comic project.

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I don’t know week to week exactly what the Arclight Podcast is going to cover. It amazes me that when I’m stuck, when I’m doubting myself, this podcast says and provides me with just what I need to move forward right at the time I need it. It’s like they’re in my head! And essentially they are. Its obvious that any apprehensions that I have are things they’ve had and are providing a means to work through it.Tim Wasney

It’s slowly catching on.

Not only did I dig the topic of the podcast, but these guys genuinely want to pass along the knowledge that they’ve accumulated thsu far in their comic making journey.
Chris Turner

You’ll get tangible insights on both the creative and business side of comics, touching on topics like building your brand, developing your first issue, team dynamics, creating characters that resonate, tackling the fear of failure, managing your creativity, investing in your people, where to find artists, writers, and a whole lot more.

013: Branding 101 (Part 1 of 2)

Branding is perhaps one of the most misunderstood concepts out there. If you’ve ever said you need “branding” and are referring to a logo, colors, and fonts, you’re only getting the very tip of this mountainous thing called branding.

You have a brand whether you want it or not. And it’s your job to both grow your brand and make it valuable to your target audience. You don’t want to launch a comic—that you poured sweat and tears into—and launch to crickets because you haven’t properly built a brand we should care enough about to buy from. To influence and command an audience into buying from you, a brand must be established, maintained and be consistent. But you can only start doing that if you have an understanding of what branding is.

In this episode, Ed dives into his expertise and passion for branding. Running a freelance branding and design business, Geeky Dreamer Branding & Design, Ed comes to the table with Brent to take a plunge into what branding really is and how you can start building yours in part one of this two part series.

012: Friendship vs. Business: When to Separate the Two to Protect Your Project

You started your project. You got your story finished. And now you need a team around you. I guarantee it, the first place you’ll look are the people you trust—your friends. And if they’re down for the whole comic making thing, your family might tag along too. You all get to a point where you’ve got about 80% of the work done, then all of a sudden, something happens. A certain conflict wasn’t handled right; you gave a piece of constructive criticism they couldn’t take; or you no longer see eye-to-eye on major ideas and beliefs. Your friend then tells you that they’re out, and if you use any of their ideas and/or characters, they’re going to sue you.

So not only do you have a major falling out with your friend, the prospect of getting sued is haunting you over your shoulder on top of losing a good percentage of the work you both collaborated on.

So now what?

011: Story Is King (Part 6 of 6): The 3 Act Structure

The final episode to our Stories Is King series. We thank all of you who have been around for the entire length of this series. We understand it can get a little boring with all of this information sharing, so we decided to make this last episode short and sweet as Ed talks about the 3 Act Structure.

Ed also proposes the idea of putting story first and how important it is. He also takes us through his meeting with former Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Jim Shooter, and the mindset shift he had to take in order to get the meeting with him.

010: Story Is King (Part 5 of 6): The Hero’s Journey

Epic stories. We love them. We cheer for them. But how many of us wish we could write them? From taking a ring to a far off land to a farm boy becoming a member of an elite community of knights, these epic stories have captivated our love and intrigue time and again. Wouldn’t it be great to do the same for your own story?

In this episode, Brent takes the lead in sharing with us another story theory: The Hero’s Journey. Found in epic movies such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars, The Hero’s Journey invites us to tell a story using a Three Act Structure, 12 steps your character must go through to grow, and character archetypes that will challenge your character and entertain your readers.

Featured Character

We’ve spent a lot of time creating characters that will resonate with you. Their real. And they stand for something bigger than themselves.

A little faith goes a long way.

Ever felt life was grander and greater than what you were told, but lacked the faith necessary to step out there and discover what’s beyond your reach? You’re so comfortable and so safe with your life, that risking all of that seems foolish. But the fate of the world is depending on your ability to believe in yourself and go where you’ve never gone before. Are you going to sink in your fear, or swim in your faith to keep the world from falling apart? Meet Tremor.

Get the Episodes & Updates

Hop up in this car and join us on the journey to our first major graphic novel release. Subscribe to get podcast episodes, mini issues, comic updates, behind-the-scenes content, and advance notice of releases.

Here’s a sample of a real email.